Tuesday, November 1, 2011


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Ground-mount “Suntrackers” featured by ATR Solartech, NEXUS EnergyHomes at Maryland Clean Energy Summit – suited for homeowners and businesses

October 26, 2011, Baltimore, MD – Two ground-mounted “Suntrackers” are being exhibited jointly by Maryland companies ATR Solartech and NEXUS EnergyHomes at the Maryland Clean Energy Summit, which opens October 27 in Baltimore. These highly efficient ground-mounted units offer the homeowner a low cost and more flexible option for adding solar power to assist in meeting their home energy needs.

One Suntracker will sit next to the ATR and NEXUS booths (numbers 51 and 52) at the Baltimore Hilton-Inner Harbor exposition and another unit placed just outside the hotel will be actively tracking the sun and producing power. Both units have a pair of 235 watt panels (470 total) and incorporate an advanced GPS controller to track the sun and maximize the daily energy production. The devices, which are designed and manufactured in Maryland by ATR, are being produced with the assistance of a Maryland Energy Administration grant using federal stimulus funds. ATR is based in Columbia.

NEXUS EnergyHomes, which builds net-zero energy homes and is headquartered in Stevensville, recently became a Suntracker distributor. “We’re excited to be exhibiting our Suntracker here at the Clean Energy Summit with our new partner, NEXUS EnergyHomes,” said Dr. Jackson Yang, ATR’s CEO. “These compact and highly efficient devices will help homeowners and businesses replace fossil-fuel-based grid power with their own clean, renewable energy from the sun,” Yang said. “Every home owner has a desire to reduce energy costs. Partnering with ATR to distribute the Suntracker allows NEXUS EnergyHomes the ability to bring energy efficiency to home owners that are otherwise unable to retrofit their homes to meet net-zero standards.” said Ann Ashley, Nexus’ Sr. Vice President.

About NEXUS EnergyHomes

The NEXUS EnergyHome provides every home-buyer with the opportunity to own a home that meets NetZero Standards —a home that offers the ability be “off the grid” and produce as much energy as it consumes. After years of research and testing with the NAHB, and through NEXUS EnergyHomes’ complex construction process using proprietary designs, innovative materials, and the very best of modern technologies, NEXUS EnergyHomes is making a Revolutionary Change to the way homes are constructed in America. Simply put, NEXUS EnergyHomes is the first company to make these technologies work in perfect harmony in a single family home, and at a rate no different than other homes currently on the market.

NEXUS EnergyHomes builds custom homes throughout the Mid-Atlantic, and currently offers GeoSolar Communities in Frederick, MD, Three Creeks in Centreville, MD and Wisp at Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland. Other community initiatives in negotiations include, Millville, NJ, Philadelphia, PA, and Northern VA. To learn more about our homes, please visit our website, www.nexusenergyhomes.com.

About ATR

Advanced Technology & Research Corp. (ATR) is a Maryland-based engineering firm with a 38-year history of excellence in military systems, robotics and automation equipment. Over the past three years, the company has developed a suite of solar power systems for small-scale commercial and residential applications. All ATR Solartech systems feature state-of-the-art sun-tracking technology for enhanced energy production from photovoltaic panels, mounts designed for vertical structures, small footprints and strong aesthetics. Produced in Maryland, ATR Solartech products include the ground and roof-mounted systems for clean energy production being exhibited at the Summit, distributed solar power generation systems for lighting and utility poles, solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations and the tracking solar components of hybrid wind-solar systems. For more information, please visit http://www.atrsolartech.com.