Monday, June 20, 2011

City of Frederick Welcomes First Green Neighborhood

updated 6/17/2011 7:45:42 PM ET 2011-06-17T23:45:42

FREDERICK, MD - Barbara Dillon will soon be a Frederick resident and moving into the home she's been waiting for with a money saving bonus.

"We were looking around downtown because we wanted a downtown lifestyle and saw the energy efficient, the net zero aspect of it and got in touch with our realtor," explained Dillon who is currently a Montgomery County resident.

Dillon's home will be part of a brand new "green neighborhood," the first of it's kind to come to the City of Frederick.

"We take advantage of geothermal heating and cooling, we have total recovery ventilation to equalize pressure and to also take care of the humidity levels of the home and keep those at a perfect level," said Mike Murphy, the president of construction for Nexus EnergyHomes, "We have HEPA filtration."

The neighborhood is part of the Hope VI project on North Bentz Street and it's energy tax credits have already attracted eager buyers.

Despite what many people say is a poor economy, four of the 55 lots have already sold.

"You have a direct 30% tax credit of the builders cost of the geothermal systems, that depending on the home here will be between $13,000 and $17,000 that the home-buyer gets back after purchase," explained Mike Muren of Mackintosh Realtors, "We're doing some custom single family and some of those home buyers are receiving as much as $30,000 to $35,000."

Tax credits or not, many people in Frederick see the homes as a gateway to the future.

"Not only are we saving the environment, but we are also putting ourselves in the leading role to get off oil," explained Mike Sare, a Frederick resident.

The green neighborhood ranks among the top 50 homes in the country for it's energy efficiency.

The model home is now open on 620 North Bentz Street in downtown Frederick. Read more at

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