Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NEXUS EnergyHomes on WTOP

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FREDERICK, Md. - Homebuyers looking for energy-efficient homes have some new options in downtown Frederick. Nexus Energy Homes will complete 55 energy-efficient houses by the end of 2012.
They feature cost-saving, green technology, including solar panels, energy recovery ventilation and geothermal pipes that go 300 feet into the ground where it stays a temperate 55 degrees. This helps the heating system warm up faster and use less energy than systems that have to start up at the outside temperature.
An energy bill for a three-level, three-bedroom home can range from zero to $30, according to Nexus Homes. Most homeowners end up with a surplus of energy they can sell back to the power companies to make extra bucks.
Other features include double insulation, energy recovery ventilation and high efficiency heating and cooling. Fresh air is pumped back into the homes every 48 minutes where it goes through filters, keeping allergens stay out.
The houses also have energy-efficient appliances, and they have advanced monitoring systems that can be controlled by using an iPad supplied by the builder.
The homes range in price from $275,000 to $700,000 depending on size and model.

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